KAZUL by Offhand Designs Coming Soon in Winter 2014

Posted on Dec 20, 2013. 2 comments

Introducing the Kazul bag in Byzantine expected to reach the market by the end of January in a splendid array of treasured textiles inspired by the times and trends of Constantinople. The bag features a front pocket with a secret cellphone pocket behind the flap and a larger pocket for I-pad, magazine or pattern below! The bag opens up wide with a stay-put 16" x 11" doctor's bag frame and another, deep pattern or I-pad pocket on the inside of the bag, as well as our traditional zipper pocket, pouches and pockets!  

This season's offering of 7 new rich and luscious textiles offer something amazing for a person of every taste!

Luxury Leather Flap & Handles

Side View of Kazul in Byzantine

Floral & Paisley Fresh for Spring

Kazul highlights luxury leather handles and flaps and features beautiful contrast textiles in teal & wine tweed, velvets, and chennille contrasts. 

Contemporary Patterns & Velvets

Lush Chenille & Velvet Geometrics

Traditional Byzantine Kilim Pattern


  • Posted by Kim on Dec 27, 2013

    OMG well of course I love it! Leather handles! Woohoo! I hope I can snag one in that gorgeous Izmir! Great work on this new one, Larisa!

  • Posted by Ann-Marie on Dec 27, 2013

    Oooh. I’ve been saving for an Arya, but I think the piggybank has just been hijacked in favor of a Kazul. In Izmir, I think, or maybe Ravenna. In any case, ohmygoodness this is beautiful!

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