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Glass Mountain Studios


 Ed and Elena  

Glass Mountain Studios
is home to artists Edward Schmid and Elena Enos. We are located in beautiful Bellingham, Washington, in the northwest corner of the United States near the Canadian border.

Working cooperatively since 1993, Ed and Elena encompass many facets of glassmaking including: glassblowing, torchwork, sculpting and mixed media.  They are inspired by forces of natural and man-made. They are also influenced by the history and future of glass and glassmaking.

Ed and Elena have both received their Masters in Fine Arts Degrees in 1990 (from The Ohio State University in Columbus, and San Jose State University respectively).

They are committed to education and learning. Ed and Elena spend nearly half of their year teaching classes and workshops in glassmaking at home and in colleges, universities and private studios worldwide. The other half of the year they devote to developing new work, writing projects and raising their two young children in the scenic Pacific Northwest.

Glass Mountain Press is the self-publishing company of Edward T. Schmid. It is responsible for overseeing the production and direct distribution of Ed’s books: Beginning Glassblowing, Advanced Glassworking Techniques and the most recently released The Glassworker's Bathroom Reader