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Product Care


Although our bags are made from durable, high quality materials, they're not indestructible. Some common things to watch out for: 

Velvet doesn't like to take showers. Try to keep your bag warm and dry to best maintain its beauty.

Pets / Children
Little ones love Offhand Designs creations as much as you do but don't always show the proper caution. Be aware of where you leave your bag lounging.

Be careful to not overload your bag; the construction is strong but excessive weight will damage any handbag.


Say goodbye to lint, loose threads and wrinkles!

Lint / Dirt Removal
For everyday dust and fuzz, a quick swipe with a lint brush will eliminate the problem. We prefer using a lint brush over the tape rollers: they are effective, reusable, and pose no risk of damage to the velvet.

Loose Threads 

If any long or loose threads appear - don't pull on them! Instead snip the thread off at the base using a small pair of scissors.


Surface damage to the velvet such as wrinkles or crushing can be removed by steaming and/or light pressing with an iron on either the wool or synthetic setting. Avoid getting the bag too damp.

Stubborn Wrinkles

For stubborn wrinkles, combine steaming with a good brushing in the direction of the nap with a boar bristle brush.


Because even handbags like to look their best.

Stain Removal 
For small stains, a mixture of a gentle soap, such as Ivory, and cold water can be used with a clean cloth to spot treat. Apply only a small amount and avoid getting the fabric too wet. After cleaning, be sure to let your bag dry for at least 24 hours to avoid attracting more dirt.

Lining can be cleaned in the same manner, but excessive wetness may leave a water mark, especially on lighter colors. Use as little water as possible and test on a small patch first.

Dry Cleaning
For bags in need of a serious shower, professional dry cleaning is the most effective and safest way to return them to their full glory.

Frame Maintenance

Straighten up and close tight.

Squeaky or Croaking Frame

A little bit of TLC will go along way towards maintaining your bag's frame, but if it begins to squeak, the problem can be solved with a small amount of sewing machine oil. Open your bag and place 1-2 drops into the small hole in the hinge, being careful to avoid contact with the fabric. A little bit of Vaseline applied with a Q-tip will also do the trick.

Gapping / Bent Frame

Over time, your bag's frame may begin to gape or distort simply due to frequent use. A crooked frame can easily be fixed by placing thumbs on the flex points of the frame, (located near the handles), and applying gentle pressure, rocking the frame back and forth until straightened.