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Bonnie Bishoff Yarn Ball Shawl Pin Violet

Bonnie Bishoff

Handcrafted Clay Shawl Pins with Stick
Size: 2 ¾” diameter, ¼” thick
Ships in 1-2 weeks

These one-of-a-kind accent pieces transform a newly made garment into a masterpiece. 
A closure fastens anything from a shawl, to a coat, to a scarf or they can be worn on their own as a distinct accent for a bag or accessory, and some people even wear them in their hair! This gorgeous accessory eliminates the need for buttons and, as you see in the photos, brings out the best in a wide variety of colors and textures! Showcase your knitwear or showcase your handcrafted glass shawl pin and complement your whatever your wearing! 

How to wear a  Bonnie Bishoff shawl pin:
Slip the hook through one loop, through your garment layers, then out and through the second loop.
Push the hook till it locks into the first loop and the pin will hold securely.
The finer the fabric, the more you should gather in the pin. The hook is made with a soft, ballpoint end to slip through fabrics without snagging or splitting fibers.

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