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Moving Mud




Sarina and Johnny at their torches    Sarina's workbench and view   Johnny's workbench


Moving Mud is a truly small business.  Johnny and Sarina make, design, package and sell all of the product.  Scout, the littlest of the bunch, lends a hand in packaging quite often.

Living in Vermont provides us with a healthy lifestyle that keeps us busy.  On an average day we cook up a storm, tend to the generous garden, take care of chickens, throw in some kind of exercise, work on the torch, daily chores of course, and get together with neighbors.

Moving Mud uses the traditional glassblowing technique called lampwork.  Each button is made of borosilicate glass, which is pyrex.  The glass is melted and formed with a torch that combines oxygen and propane.  For added strength, all pieces are annealed.  Annealing is a strengthening process of slowly cooling glass to relieve internal stresses by using a kiln.