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SL Week Four Winner :: Congratulations Donnelle!

Once again we received so many wonderful comments for our give away! We would like to congratulate this week’s winner - Donnelle Anderson!  She told us the beautiful buttons by Becky Caraco would “find a special place on a sweater for my very special daughter in law who helps me so much with my many health issues." She went on to tell us the Switch Clutch by Offhand Designs would be perfect for teaching one of her granddaughters how to knit, and "what a blessing it would be to share something so special with them from Offhand." 

Sage Luxury Says:  We hope the sweater with Becky’s Buttons puts a smile on your daughter in laws face, and the Switch Clutch by Offhand Designs brings with it many special moments teaching your granddaughter how to knit! We would love to see pictures!!

Thank you to everyone who participated! You too can own a set of Becky's Buttons or a  gorgeous Switch Clutch - they are everything you need to get started on a new project today!



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